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If you’re interested, message us with:

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  • Your email address
  • Why you want to be an admin here
  • What you can give to the transformice community

Anonymous said: A possible hunger games creation with mice xD?

Oh my! That’s difficult, but I WILL try!


Hi, this is the other mod. I haven’t been very active in this blog, lately, so I was thinking of ways to be more active. I thought it would be fun to start drawing your suggestions. Of course, they would only be transformice themed. I’m pretty alright at art, so I thought it would be a fun addition to the blog.

What do you think?

Anonymous said: Draw me a picture of your mouse or a mod's mouse?

I’m not sure when this message was sent, but I drew it for you. It’s not very well put together, but I did it :D. I wa too lazy to draw the title and username, but yeah.


Type /atelier801 into the chat for a surprise.

500 Fraises will cost 5$

1100 Fraises will cost 10$  

2400 Fraises will cost 20$

ccheyss said: If you could make up a hax for shammying what would it be? :D

For shammy? Hmmm the ability to spirit with confetti. Like instead of sparks it would be confetti. 

BUT for regular meeses I would love if mice could steal cheese. Not like in the theft map but the hacker waits by the hole, guy getting first runs up- hacker steals cheese- BAM FIST/CHANGE ROOM/ LOLOLOL.

Now I know that’s not possible, but the idea makes me giggle.

How about you?


That’s right ! Two years ago, during a day off, Transformice was launched and presented to a dozen players, on a small topic in a videogame forum.

Today, more than 13 million accounts were created, 500 000 unique players visit us a day, 5.5 million a month ! This is truly astonishing, and we still barely beleive it ourselves. What was just a small game created on our spare time became something huge, something we couldn’t even imagine.

And all of this, is thanks to you.

Thank you for the tremendous support you’ve given to us. Thank you for spreading the word, for being involved, for donating, for drawing tons of fanarts that warm my heart everytime, for making great suggestions, for your great feedback. And most of all, for sticking with us for so long, when there are so many new games coming out every day. We definatly wouldn’t be here, living our dream, if it wasn’t for you.

Unfortunatly, unlike last year, we weren’t able to prepare a big update to thank you for the anniversary, as the microtransactions take up all our time, and should be launched soon. As a small token of our gratitude, [Meli has] compiled all the exclusive artwork [she] could find : you’ll recognize the preparative sketches of some famous illustrations, but also never-seen-before very first artwork of Transformice, on the top left corner.

Click here for the image. Enjoy.

NEW Development


Tigrounette has implemented a new anti-hacking system and it’s still under development.

This means if you are not using the OFFICIAL Transformice standalone and is on an unknown source, you will be banned for 24 hours.

Via TFMice

The main server is down since 3 hours.
Tig is changing it with a brand new one.
And the game should be back in an hour.

Micro-communities and EN status:

  • Removed the filters on EN. TR and BR players can now talk again on the EN server.
  • The server won’t try to merge people sharing the same language anymore.
  • People will now connect into their “micro-community” if they try to connect on the EN server. For example, a french player will connect into the *fr-1 room. Players from these micro-communities are free to leave these international rooms and play on EN rooms thanks to the command /room.


  • You can now add a player in your friend list by clicking on his name.

Anonymous said: How do you play youtube videos in the tribe house?

You have to have a map with one of the large screens, not the tiny plasmas.  Here are a few codes you can use for yours if you don’t want to make your own:

@2027949   by Kucumako

@2027935   by Smoothypeng

@2027915   by Pheonixes

@2027911   by Akcabrera

You can find more here, just look around for some with the large screen. 

Once you’ve loaded that in your tribe house there is a down pointing  arrow just under the bottom left corner of the screen, click that and you should be able to use your youtube code.

Make sure you have tribe rights, though.

Hope that helped.




somewhere in the distance there is a scream

“Moonish stop spamming my dash”

Somewhere in the distance there is a scream



just for you ohyeahtransformice

I laughed so hard my friend asked “Oh my god, what is wrong with you?” 

Via i hate sceptile


somewhere in the distance there is a scream

“Moonish stop spamming my dash”

Somewhere in the distance there is a scream


Via i hate sceptile
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